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Patient Info

What to Expect

When you arrive you will be greeted in a timely fashion. The space will be warm and inviting. We will look you directly in the eye and shake your hand to welcome you to Axiom Physiotherapy.

If you have ever been to a traditional physical therapy clinic in a gym setting, your experience at Axiom Physiotherapy will be quite different. All of our treatments are done one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy focusing on manual therapy.

We will design a custom home exercise program that will be reviewed in detail the first treatment session but can be done at home. We don’t believe you should come to physical therapy and do your home exercise program in front of us once you understand it.

Your first treatment will begin with a thorough evaluation assessing the problem area and the surrounding areas to see if they contribute to your current pain. Quickly we will move into treatment so that you leave after the first appointment feeling noticeably better.

At Axiom PT, we encourage a transparent environment where you as the patient are free to provide input into your treatment. We will check in with you to see how our interventions are coming along and invite feedback from our patients.

We often have to see patients with much less frequency than other clinics because of our approach at Axiom Physiotherapy. Each session is intended to maximize efficacy and designed to get you back to the things you love and need to do quickly. 

If you are interested in finding out the source of your pain or limitation, please book for a free [link to book] consultation with one of our physical therapists.

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