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Rates and Insurance

At Axiom Physiotherapy, all treatment sessions are either 1 hour or 30 minutes long. All services are provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We do not utilize techs or assistants to provide the high level of care that we choose to provide.

We are a fee-for-service clinic. Receipts can be provided with proper codes to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. Please let your therapist know at Axiom Physiotherapy if you would like a receipt to submit. They will be provided at the end of each month via email.

Why does Axiom Physiotherapy not take health insurance?

Our healthcare system is very fractured and insurance companies have a great influence on the quality of care that you receive. In order to provide you the highest level of care possible at Axiom Physiotherapy, we are passionate about not depending on insurance companies to control the kind of care you receive.

Each session is intended to make the most progress possible. There is no wasted time. There is not a dependency on modalities. In most “in-network” clinics therapists are required to see 2-3 patients at a time making it difficult to provide quality care.

At Axiom PT, each session is 1 hour or 30 minutes of focused care that is directed at your limitations. We will design as custom home exercise program that we will review in detail but you can perform it at home once you feel comfortable you are doing the exercises.

We can be reached almost any time of day if you have any questions via email or phone. Feel free to text as well with any questions you might have. There are many times we provide some insight into your injury with a quick call or text.

Deductibles continue to rise for many of our patients here in Austin, Texas and across the nation. You are responsible for all payments until you hit your deductible and it is very rare that you would hit your deductible with us at Axiom PT.

What if I am on Medicare? Can I work with Axiom Physiotherapy?

We are not contracted with Medicare but in certain cases we can see Medicare beneficiaries. We can only see Medicare patients if they don’t want Medicare involved in their care at Axiom PT and of their free will.

If you are Medicare patient and are interested in treatment with us, please call 512-808-3904 to get more information.

If you absolutely need to use your Medicare benefits, please contact us and we can find you a great clinic in Austin that accepts Medicare.

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