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  • Amanda B.
    4 days ago
    My experience with Axiom Physical Therapy has truly been life changing. Following a serious car accident I had soft tissue damage in my back and neck. I didn’t think I would ever be able to regain my full range of activities. Axiom was able to incorporate a blend of manual therapy, dry needling, and exercises to get me to a better condition than I was in before! In just the first session Ben, the owner, was able to restore most of my range of motion in my neck, and it was only uphill from there. My husband has also really benefited from treatment here. This is the place to go for people who aren’t seeing results elsewhere, or who want customized therapy to get them back on track. I love the personalized treatment and individual attention you receive here- which is becoming almost unheard of in traditional hospital/orthopedic clinics. I also truly feel like they care about the well being of their patients. I give Axiom my highest recommendation!
  • Suzanne R.
    4 days ago
    I was in a lot of pain with Achilles tendinitis/plantar fasciitis. I had put off getting PT for too long. I had no idea what was going to happen or if it would hurt. I was hoping the pain would just go away but it just got worse. My husband went to Axiom first for plantar fasciitis and it went so well I finally made an appointment. Best decision I ever made. My tendinitis is so much better now but I still go because I’ve gotten so much help with other areas that cause me pain from arthritis and really tight fascia. Along with the PT, I get help with exercises I can do at home. After every appointment I feel so much better. I would recommend Axiom based on professionalism, kindness, compassion and experience.
  • Angela
    4 days ago
    Being a physical therapist myself I highly value quality care and advanced expertise in my therapist. Ben with Axiom Physiotherapy has been treating me for shoulder, neck and collar bone pain and I could not recommend a more skilled, genuine, and effective physical therapist. He spends one-on-one time with me with a manual therapy focus, which is the key to positive results and pain relief. His private pay model ensures the best care, and I am so grateful to him for decreasing my pain and allowing me to return to doing the things I love. I am no longer dealing with chronic pain and I have Ben at Axiom Physiotherapy to thank for it.
  • Adam G.
    4 days ago
    After suffering a broken clavicle in 2013, I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain since 2013 which limited my ability to perform any sort of strength resistance movements. I had run the gamut of physical therapy and therapists including chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, and dry-needling. Some of which provided mild short-term relief, but still left me unable to perform resistance work without major setbacks. I was afraid surgery might be my only other option. One of my therapists recommended, Axiom Physiotherapy. The initial consult with Ben Shook, was very open, honest and thorough. We took surgery off the table and after 3-4 sessions, I felt scalable relief and have since been able to get back in the gym and train successfully without setbacks. After years of pain and discomfort, not to mention all the dollars on therapists, I am very grateful to have found Axiom.
  • Akira B.
    4 days ago
    Over the years, an active life in martial arts has resulted in a litany of injuries. Treating these injuries has led me to many physical therapists. I have been incredibly impressed with Axiom Physiotherapy and would recommend it for everyone ranging from the serious athlete to persons recovering from surgery. They were incredibly knowledgeable and explained very technical aspects of physiology in an accessible and easy to understand way. Instead of just treating/rehabilitating the area of my injury they took a holistic view of my rehab. They were able to pinpoint issues in my gait that were the true source of existing problems in my lower back and neck. Axiom addressed the problem area of my rotator cuff injury but also created a program to address my gait issues. Back and shoulder aches that I attributed to past injuries disappeared with their program. Their ability to incorporate treating of injuries along with a long range view of body wellness through prevention is a incredible meld of eastern and western therapies and going forward I plan on using them not just for injury rehab but also for general prevention.

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