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» How Are Your 2020 Fitness Goals Coming Along? Part 2
How Are Your 2020 Fitness Goals Coming Along? Part 2

In Part 1 we discussed what it meant to get started on your fitness goals for 2020. We all have started with a plan at the beginning of the year to only have our plans derailed. 

Injuries sometimes just happen. What you do about them is what really matters. I just had to get a toilet replaced at my house. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? 

Turns out the brand of toilet in my house had a recall on it because of a manufacturing default that caused it to crack along the tank. 

We were lucky in this situation. We were able to purchase a new toilet and have a plumber come out quickly and replace the toilet. Had this toilet cracked when we were out of town, the outcome could’ve been very different. 

Sometimes we get injured. It is a part of life. Things break down. Toilets crack because that is what happens. There is no reason to beat yourself up over it. 

But how you respond to those injuries become really important. If we don’t address our injuries soon, the results can be really problematic. 

What if I didn’t address the crack in my toilet? It could’ve flooded my whole house. Spending a few hundred dollars on a new toilet was well worth not having my house flooded!!! 

In Part 3, we will discuss what can be done about these injuries. Where does one even start when they have an injury? 

I will help provide a clear path to sorting out your injury so that you can get back to the things you want, need, or love to do.