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» You Have Had Low Back Pain for 2 Weeks Now and It Isn’t Getting Any Better. What Do You Do Now? {Part 2}
You Have Had Low Back Pain for 2 Weeks Now and It Isn’t Getting Any Better. What Do You Do Now? {Part 2}

So as we discussed in the first blog post about your low back pain that you have had for over 2 weeks. You aren’t sleeping well at night. You often make audible noises every time you get up from a chair. Your family has begun to wonder if are mimicking a wild animal in nature every time you move.

What do you do now? Where do you even begin to figure out what to do? The obvious place to start is to head to Dr. Google to figure out how to address your low back pain. You might even head over to YouTube to look at some videos on how to help with your low back pain.

Then you start to realize there is a sea of information. How the hell are you supposed to know what to do about your low back pain?

So after several hours of looking online and finding very mixed messages from people who are supposedly experts on low back pain you become frustrated.

You tell yourself you will give your doctor a call and they can surely help you with your low back pain. You schedule a visit 2 weeks from now because your primary doc has a crazy busy schedule.

When you arrive to your appointment, the receptionist barely looks you in the eye and wants to know what your date or birth is and wants to know your insurance information. They are so busy they don’t even seem to know or care why you are there

Once you settle into the treatment room after a nurse asks you some mundane questions and checks your vitals you sit on an exam table with the crinkly paper that is incredibly loud every time you move. Why do they still have that crazy paper on exam tables?

The doctor comes in looking at your chart as he walks in barely knowing your name. He asks you some basic questions about your low back pain and takes you through the most minimal exam. Based on the exam he concludes you have a strain in your lower back.

Your doctor seems like a great guy. But what is he supposed to do? His options are to recommend some meds to help with the pain or maybe a muscle relaxer. If you are having sciatica, he might even recommend getting an expensive MRI that might not tell you very much at all.

If you are lucky he will refer you to physical therapy. You think to yourself you are headed to a professional who can really get to the source of your low back pain. They hand you a list of physical therapy providers that has 50 names on it and tell you to give one a call.

What the hell are you supposed to do with 50 names on a sheet and a prescription for muscle relaxers? You thought you were getting somewhere but now you are more confused than ever.

At Axiom Physiotherapy, we exist to help you find the source of your low back pain. We will properly diagnose your pain and help you with solutions that get you back to the things you love today.

All of our treatment are one-one-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy only. Each treatment is designed to get your issues right away. We promise we won’t make you sit on that crinkly paper.

In post #3 on low back pain, we will go into detail about what you can do today to help with your low back pain.

For more information, go to AxiomPT.com to schedule a Free Discovery Session so you can speak to an expert about your low back pain.

Until next time…